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1. PU products with wear, good heat resistance, sealing, noise, processing performance, biodegradable, excellent performance;
Density of 1.25, slightly larger than the water. And with fire, water, decay, mold, cracking and other properties, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor decorative materials, is a green new decorative materials;
Easy processing: PU products, nails, sawing, planing, milling, modeling, and other flexible and not crack, no distortion, no insects, indoor and outdoor can use;
Environmental protection: As a result of the compound fiber as raw material, reducing deforestation, can meet the standard non-toxic green products;
Waterproof: non-absorbent, impermeable, deformation, both mildew.
2. Our production of PU products are available through ASTM963, EN71-1-3 ,, fire test, PROP65 other tests to meet customer requirements in any market.
3. The company has its own deployment of technology, it can be deployed on their own any feel, characteristic of PU raw materials to meet all the needs possible.
4.The company has experienced technical and engineers, working closely with customers to develop a variety of new products.
5. All raw materials are the top foreign suppliers of imported materials that can provide raw materials to the customer tested, MSDS, proof of environmental protection.

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